Work Hard Slay Even Harder










I am not really one of the cool kids.. wearing this t-shirt makes me feel super badass. I have really started loving myself lately and have had such an I don’t care what you think about me attitude lately and I must admit I feel so much lighter and less stressed. Really caring what people think about you can be such a restrictive burden. Even at work, I have just gone in and did my job and if things happen which are out of my control; I don’t stress about it anyone because my life is too short for me to care too much about unnecessary things. And work is not my life its a means for me to have all the pretty things in life and also to pay the bills. Don’t get me wrong, I am not carefree at all, I am just carefully caring less and less about things or people I feel bring negativity in my life. People come and go but your life is yours to live…. SO LIVE IT WELL!!

I work way to hard in order for me to have what I have and I don’t want to be pulled down anymore. #PositiveVibesOnly from here on well maybe I might have a few ranting posts because I am weird like that lol.

Have you recently changed your way of looking at life and how has your life or way of thinking improved?


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